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Empowering Medical Professionals: Elevate Your Expertise with Comprehensive Online and In-Person Courses

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Clue Courses

Clue courses is a critical care training academy which was created in 2018 and has now expanded over the years to its present form . We run a series of meetings annually covering different aspects of Anaesthesia critical care and emergency medicine . Clue courses offers simulation based critical care training both online and offline .

Our participants has grown from 150 in first meeting to around 1000 per year in different courses conducted throughout the year in different cities in india .

In our last annual meeting there were 4 international delegates from countries including Iran bangladesh and Sri Lanka .

Clue courses is an independent organisation and is free to invite the best speakers and experts from around the globe .

The Aim of clue courses is to improve care of critically ill patient through better clinical management by facilitating ongoing education and training of all doctors and nurses involved in patient care.

We do simulation based training focussing on core concepts in an interactive way .

Our hope is that every person who attends our courses will learn something new and useful that they can take back to their units and share with colleagues .

How We Work

Connecting Healthcare Professionals: Seamless Learning, Anytime, Anywhere

Clue courses is a medical education academy focused on delivering medical courses of highest quality for all medical professionals specially Doctors and nurses . Our faculty include global experts who have established themselves in the speciality of expertise .

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