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The healthcare climate is ever changing. The integration tech-based medical technologies have created faster ways to learn about medical equipments. However, this has created a space where traditional apprenticeship practice doesn’t allow many medical professionals to keep up with the new medical equipments. As a result, a “skills gap” has developed where doctors and the support surrounding them aren’t often on the same page.

To remove the said skills gap, simulation based learning have emerged. Simulation based education is based on a system where simulated components are used to replicate clinical environment. Through this particular mode of practice, clinical skills become more accessible and this results in improved patient care.

Through Easy vent, we are providing a web-based simulation tool to train medical professionals in Mechanical ventilation in a simulated environment. It would ensure skill development for clinicians for operating mechanical ventilation.

Critical ventilation stands at the edge between life and death of the patient. Through easy vent, clinical professionals can train in critical ventilation techniques at an accelerated pace.

Medicative came to the realization towards simulated training after understanding that when patient’s like is at stake, theoretical knowledge does not take you farther. For more critical medical scenarios, practical approach needs to be taken and for that critical care medical professionals need to learn through practice.

Scientific Program

The Goal of Easy Vent
Easy vent is scientific program for training medical professionals in operating mechanical ventilators within a simulated scenario. Through this program, our goal is to endow critical care medical professionals with the knowledge to deal with, and save lives of mechanically ventilated patients.
Through lectures, interactive discussions, hands-on small group workshop and case-based exercises, intensive care professionals are trade at an urgent, yet comprehensive and reliable pace.
Patients under ventilations are the ones whose lives most often in balance. Our training program is going to assist the professionals to tip the scale of this balance in favour of patient’s lives.
Ventilators have an underlying impact on patient’s physiology and understanding it is covered in Ease vent’s topics.
Topics Included in Easy Vent

  1. Basic Ventilator Modes: There are four basic modes of ventilation that our course covers:
    1.  Assisted/Controlled, Volume Cycled Ventilation
    2. Assisted Controlled, Pressure Controller Ventilation (time cycled)
    3. Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation.
    4. Pressure Support Ventilation.
  2. Advanced Ventilator Modes: The Advanced modes of ventilator that our course covers are:
    1. Dual Control Modes
    2. Pressure Style modes
    3. Closed loop systems
  3. Ventilator Graphics: Scalar and Loop graphics and their meanings.
  4. Management of Obstructive and Parenchyma Lung Disease: Lessons about Chronic strategies to manage obstructive lung disease.
  5. Management of ARDS: Lessons regarding management of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome.
  6. Patient-ventilator synchrony: ¬†Ventilator and patient mutually rely on each other as long as the former is connected to the latter. To manage patient’s condition and save his life, a patient-ventilator synchrony needs to be maintained. This lesson shall teach the medical professionals with the way to deal with complications.

Who should attend Easy Vent?
Easy Vent program is suited for

  1. Hospitalists
  2. Intensivists
  3. Pulmonologists
  4. Critical care physicians
  5. Advanced Practical
  6. Respiratory Therapists
  7. Other medical professionals who have a routine dealing with the mechanically ventilated patients.
  8. Students who are appearing in exams such as IDCCM, IFCCM, FNB, EDIC, DM etc.
  9. Fellowship program directors who are looking for a comprehensive faculty to train their fellows
  10. Anyone who is interested in immersive, educational, comprehensive and professional simulation training program in mechanical ventilation.


Learn from the India's best team of critical care specialists from all health related verticals. They are naturally going to imbue you with specialization to save a life during critical conditions.