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SCCN (Simulation Based Critical Care Nursing Course)

Critical Care Nursing differentiates itself from normal nursing due to its many challenges. Practitioners of critical nursing are most often dealing with patients that are on the verge of critical situations. As a career it is lucrative because of its high demand. However, in order to get to that stage, appropriate knowledge and proper skill are necessities that can’t be ignored. Providing the aforementioned knowledge and skills is the goal of SCCN.

SCCN refers to Simulation Based Critical Care Nursing Course. It is a simulated training program specifically designs to provide advance skills and knowledge to nursing professionals.

Scientific Program

SCCN or Simulation Based Critical Care Nursing Course provides a simulated training program for Nurses who want to evolve their skills and become critical care nursing professionals. Designed to create a critical care workforce in India, it is meant for nurses who especially serve ICU patients.

The Courses provided under SCCN are versatile and customized. The customized education courses that we provide can aid several medical facilities conduct better training regimen for their critical nursing professionals.

Nursing professionals who are currently serving while holding valid nursing degrees like BSc, GNM or MSc, are eligible to pursue this course.

Benefits of SCCN:

Through the SCCN program, those who are pursuing nursing profession can enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Critical care nursing requires skills and knowledge of advanced level. SCCN allows you to acquire both of themat a fast pace.
  2. SCCN covers nearly all the subjects associated with critical care nursing program.
  3. SCCNallows nurses to move up the ranks and get a job as a trained critical nurse in India.
  4. SCCN can equip nurses with critical care specialty.
  5. SCCN provides intensive training through simulated scenarios. It grows the practical approach of nursing professionals.

Our goal through SCCN

SCCN is geared towards imparting practical, critical and applicable critical care nursing training to the nursing professionals. We focus on training nurses and providing them affordable opportunities to improve their skills and grow as better and more capable critical care nurses. They can then take leadership roles in aged care and critical health care in both private and governmental medical sector.


Learn from the India's best team of critical care specialists from all health related verticals. They are naturally going to imbue you with specialization to save a life during critical conditions.