Act Academy is a unique academy for medical professionals, by medical professionals. In this world, critical care medical training is as important as anything. These techniques should be learned by all forms of intensivists, physicians, equipment technicians and other kinds of medical professionals. Through learning these techniques, these professionals not only have a way to save lives that hang on a critical balance, they also have a way to progress their career towards a more positive direction.

The Act Academy teaches through the ways of simulated training. Within these training sessions, simulated environments are created using models to train medical professionals in usage of medical equipments. Simulated learning is a modern way of education that should be imparted at an accelerated pace. Therefore, our workshops last for 1 day. We ensure that every query is dealt with and every aspect of critical care training is covered. By the end of training, participants of the workshops can lead on to save more lives and become better medical professionals.

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